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Reading the Body

A physical approach to disease signatures.

Course Summary

In this course, we clarify different disease signatures, and how to identify it on the human body.

Our life talks to us through intuition. When we don’t listen to our intuition, our emotions start themselves to try and get our attention. When we don’t listen to nor verbalize our emotions, it is then that the body talks to us. And the body does not lie.

This course will go over the basics of interpreting color, richness, tone, and other modalities to help yourself or clients

This course consists of:
1 hour lecture once a week.
The classes and labs will be recorded.  
Course materials are provided  
The courses will be recorded

Our Units Include: 
Vitamins, Minerals, & Amino Acids
Examining the Voice
Visual Observations
Constitutional Body Types
Examining Color
Organ & Body Correspondences
Examining Face, Ears, & Eyes
Examining Nose,Teeth, Mouth, Lips, & Chin
Examining The Tongue, & Specific Tongue Indications
ExaminingTheHands & Fingernails
Large Intestine Lines
Examining Elimination & Urine
Examining Pulses &The Heart
Quick Confirmations
Planetary Responsibilities

Note: Online Course Materials are time sensitive, and will unlock when we are working on the that section. This is to prevent students from moving forward too quickly. 

Iya Ifayomi Fasola

She/Her. Onisegun. Herbalist. Isese. Ifa, Egbe, & Olokun priestess. Rootworker. Mvskokxe. 2 headed. Bone Reader

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