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Everyday Herbalism - In Person Apprenticeship

An Apprentice's Guide to Herbalism

Course Summary

This course is based off the book, Everyday Herbalism, that Iya Ifayomi has written. In this class, we'll be discussing concepts on What Black Herbalism is and the history between Black America & the field of medicine. We also cover different aspects of reading the body and common herbs that you can use for medicine. This course is a direct apprenticeship with Iya Ifayomi and takes place both online and in person. 

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This course is motivated by the growing interest in using herbal medicine, in a practical and informed way, amongst healthcare practitioners and lay people alike. There is a great need for contemporary information encompassing a holistic view that acknowledges the intimate connection of mind and body, and promoting health and health education, rather than solely addressing illnesses and how to treat symptoms arising from them.  

This course consists of:
-1 hour lecture once a week.
-1 hour lab once a week.
-2 45-minute personal mentorship a month
(This course consists of at least 364 hours )

The classes and labs will be recorded.

Course materials are provided

Our Units Include:
Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: Learning the Methodology (8 hours)
Unit 3: Reading the Body (8 hours)
Unit 4: The Roots & Their Remedies (300 Hours)
Unit 5: The Chemistry of Herbs (8 hours)
Unit 6: Treating Common Ailments (20 hours)
Unit 7: Healing the Whole Person (8 hours)
Unit 8: Working with Plant Spirts (12 hours)
Unit 9: Case Studies (8 hours)
Unit10: Personal Development & Boundaries (12 hours)
Unit 11: Spiritual Development & Boundaries (12 hours)
Unit 12: Spiritual Knowing (12 hours)
Unit 13: Application,Theory, & Faith (12 hours)

Online Course Materials are time sensitive, and will unlock when we are working on the that section. This is to prevent students from moving forward too quickly. 

Iya Ifayomi Fasola

She/Her. Onisegun. Herbalist. Isese. Ifa, Egbe, & Olokun priestess. Rootworker. Mvskokxe. 2 headed. Bone Reader

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